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10th Sept, 2018,
1st Oct, 2018

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About Course

Last year, it started as an effort to deliver quality service to people in remotest corner of India. We were delivering around the Northern region from Jammu and Kashmir to Gujarat. And guess what? More than 50% of our applicants were through UPSC Prelims 2018. The simple reason for this was our hit ratio, about 54 questions were repeated in the Prelims exam, directly or indirectly. We could have further extended our reach of questions if we look at the notes we provide in our classroom programs. But this was a sole Test Series performance. There were many lessons learned to make our Test Series programme better. So, we are here with UPSC eLearning Programme. This goes beyond just an All Indian Test Series offered by many institutions and will cover some of the most exam-oriented things yet seen in the UPSC market.

There is a reason for introducing an eLearning Programme instead of a typical Test Series. We want to provide some exclusive content in an organised way with a well - chartered plan. We will be providing not just a Test Series with detailed explanation but also with one of India's most detailed Current Affairs magazine and Value Addition magazines.

What are our Value addition magazines? Well, think about this. Most of the environment section in 2018 went untouched by 99% of India's institutes. We will be giving out most detailed and environment specific magazines, similarly we will also be giving some very specific magazines for every topic UPSC is very particular about.

Another thing in our eLearning Programme is hints and tricks which come from our long examination and study of UPSC exams. Just for one, do you know all science and Tech questions that have been asked in UPSC exam had "All are correct" as the right option. Here, we just bought you 2 - 6 marks for free.

The journey is well - planned. You only need to take the right step now. Download the detailed plan here and start your journey with KPS Institute.

UPSC 2018 prelims

We were a new institute back in 2017 with only 4 students to start with. Ya! That’s a journey in itself now.Still out of these 4 students, 2 finally made to the final list of UPSC.That’s 50% record. Growing in no. in 2018, we planned out in detail to help our students clear every Civil Services Exam (Central and State).

What happened next? Well, 2018 went very well for all our subscribers. While about 50% were through UPSC Prelims, many had clear multiple State Services Prelims aswell. We await their Mains results but here are some of our top performer students who have managed to crack atleast two services in a single year just by self-study along without Test Series.

  • Noorpreet Kaur

    UPSC Prelims 2018, Punjab PCS Prelims 2018

  • Kamil Bhullar

    PSC Prelims 2018, Indian Economic Services 2018, Punjab PCS Prelims 2018

  • Pavit Sharma

    UPSC Prelims 2018, Himachal PCS Prelims 2018 (HAS)

  • Prerna Gupta

    UPSC Prelims 2018, Himachal PCS Prelims 2018 (HAS)

And 15 More

That’s not all, our state services Test Series were also a hit. Reason? We study each Civil Services Exam pattern carefully. Here is a take way of what we were able to produce throughout Test Series alone

Features for UPSC Prelims eLearning Programme (UeP) 2019

Now that’s all past and might sound like a bragging blog. So, here’s UPSC eLearning Programme brief to help you understand how we are taking the preparation a notch up.

Experience 40 Quality Tests(30 General Studies + 10 CSAT) in our exclusive Test Series. We are not in the number game which many institutes are getting into. We believe in quality than in quantity. Hence, here you won’t find an increasing number every year from 30 to 40 to 50 and more. Our 40 Tests will cover each and every topic in detail and will help you concentrate on micro aspects of every subject. Each Test has its own detailed explanation sheet to help you know more about the topic asked in the Test and cover peripheral information of it.
We are proud of our Current Affairs Magazines because the average exam coverage is any day more than any other current affairs source you might be reading till now. It also has many learning features to help you retain better. We are also continuously working to improve them further. Here see it yourself and feel the difference. (Link of April Magazine)
These are only for our Test Series subscribers. There are many tricky sources that UPSC tends to refer to before preparing an exam paper. We are digging deep into them and filtering out quality information just for you. In addition, we will be providing you with some informatic tables to help you learn some static things, which you might have missed during the preparation. They will be available in your value addition as per the schedule given alongside the Test Series.
This is something to count in. We don’t believe in preparing for Prelims and Mains separately as the facts and stats remain same for both. Even more, answer writing helps you retain things better. Hence, we will be providing a question bank along side each test to help you practice better.
A simple way to learn is through Mindmaps and infographics. Here, we will help you with tricky topics with regular posts just for our subscribers.
We will also be providing you with gist like for N.C.E.R.T etc. These will be a level - up from any other gist you see in the market. We will be breaking the N.C.E.R.T down to UPSC relevant facts. Just to help you prepare seamlessly.
We will be providing some question banks along side your preparation just to help you learn more dynamically than ever before.Some get covered in our magazines, while more will come exclusively just for you. These will be subject specific or general just to broaden our learning sphere.
Our Revision Module to begin in mid – Feb will amplify your preparation. Many tests and their topics will be covered again but in a different style of learning. Joining this programme will along with revision module (free of charge) will help you hit the bull’s eye.


Rohit Dogra

I started off just 4 months before the UPSC pre exam. Felt confused and hectic to stick to my own plan. KPS Test Series helped me organise myself and prepare for the exam along side constant knowledge test. Very Thankful. Cleared!!


I cannot thank you more for providing such a quality tests. Loved the explanations aswell. Now time for the Mains. Get – Set – Go.

Prashant Singh


Living in a small city away from Delhi I always felt it as a challenge to compete. A single ad from KPS made me think, why not? And when I joined their classroom program for UPSC, I felt really amazing. I could finally get the quality content I was looking for. Thank you sir for your help.

Mahavir Thakur