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Every year nearly 20 – 25 questions come just from Indian Economy, if you count the current affairs of it aswell. This number is huge for a single subject to be taken lightly. To understand this further, economy questions can be broken down into static ones that are based on concepts and dynamic ones that are based on current events, national and international.

Static part of the Indian Economy can be directly prepared from the NCERT Economy Gist of ours and this Indian Economy book. You will be able to clear all static questions just by these sources plus you will get 300 + MCQs for practice.

Regarding the Dynamic part of the exam, you need to know that you can understand the currents of economy only when you have a strong foundation. Our KPS Current Affairs Magazines cover all relevant current events but to understand them conceptually, you need this book. You might be referring to any other current affairs magazine aswell, but you still need to have a strong basics for this subject.

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