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Indian History

N.C.E.R.Ts have always been major part of Civil Services preparation. Whether you are preparing for UPSC or any state services exam. But the problem is on average an aspirant spends 3 months of his/her precious time on reading and making notes from these N.C.E.R.T books.

On standard basis, all aspirants read NCERT Class VI to Class XII for all subjects. But the problem with this reading practice it that 70% of the space is occupied by examples, stories among other things which are designed to cater to a younger audience. For a Civil Services aspirant, this is a waste.

KPS Civil Services is here to save your precious time. We hare compiled all the important information from these N.C.E.R.T books and have made our own Gist files. The gist is designed in such a manner that it will take minimum amount of your time to build a strong foundation for each subject. For your convenience, we would recommend you buy the entire NCERT stash from the combo section of our bookstore or if you find anyone specific subject to be weak, you can go for that NCERT Gist.

The efficiency of these gist can be seen from the number of questions you can attempt in any exam just by reading these books. These books will help you solve more than 60% of questions from previous year papers of all Union and State Services exam. The bonus point with these is that you can score a lot more than 60% with these in other Grade B and Grade C exams.

History Gist covers Indian History in very much detail. Actual NCERT History books are very messy with information about a single civilisation divided among different classes and fragmented in chapters. We have compiled all the information together for better understanding.

Topics Covered in the Book:
Ancient India

  • Archeological Sources
  • Hunters and Gatherers
  • Harappan Civilisation or Indus Valley Civilisation
  • The Vedic Age and the Vedas
  • Sages and Scholars mentioned in NCERT
  • Upanishads
  • Art and Culture of Ancient India
  • Science in Ancient India
  • Buddha and Buddhism
  • Jainism
  • The Mauryan Empire
  • Post – Mauryan period
  • Mauryan Art and Architecture
  • Economy of the Mauryan Empire
  • Gupta Empire
  • Art and Architecture of Gupta Empire
  • Society during Gupta period
  • Harsha and his reign
  • Pallavas and Chalukyas
  • The Cholas
  • Southern Kingdoms
  • Bhakti Movement
  • Art and Architecture during Bhakti Movement
  • Ancient Society as a Whole
  • Ancient Economy as a Whole

Medieval India

  • Overview of Medieval India
  • The new Political order
  • Economy during the Medieval India
  • The Delhi Sultanate
  • Mughals
  • Bhakti and The Sufi Movement
  • The Rise of Regional Power
  • The Sikhs
  • The Marathas

Modern India

  • Dawn of the British Rule
  • British rule begins
  • Administrative setup of the Britishers in India
  • Rebellions under the British Rule
  • Reformist Movements during the British Rule
  • The Revolt of 1857
  • Rise of Indian Nationalism (1860 to 1905)
  • Partition of Bengal and Swadeshi Movement (1905 to 1916)
  • The Mass Nationalistic Movement (1916 to 1940)
  • Quit India Movement to Independence (1940 to 1947)
  • Emergence of cities during the Colonial Rule
  • Economy under the British Rule
  • Education during the British Rule
  • Development of Art under the British Rule

Details of the Book

  • Number of Pages89
  • Classes covered6 to 12
  • Approximate Reading time12 Hours
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