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Internaltional Relations

KPS presents the International Relations book for Prelims and Mains. It is a comprehensive book which will cover both Prelims and Mains requirements. The book is written to make you understand the diplomatic perspective of our great nation and its changing dynamics.

Many aspirants think International Relations is only for General Studies 2 paper of the Mains but that is far from truth. Every year there are around 3 to 4 questions from the International Relations in your Prelims exam plus around 2 to 3 questions in your Mains exam.

Book is detailed in such a way that you understand all power dynamics of the International political. This includes understanding the international relations through theories, then to Indian foreign relations since independence and how India is doing on various multilateral fronts.

The book also focuses on India’s bilateral and multilateral relations with nations around the world.
You are also provided with point wise detailed explanation of international bodies, military exercises and index and reports to help you prepare for short prelims questions.

Details of the Book

  • Number of Pages116
  • Approx. reading time3 weeks
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