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Current Affairs form the dynamic portion of Civil Services exam. You need to read and learn current affairs and their details to be able to score good in the exam as about 30 to 35 questions atleast are from Current Affairs. Now here you get two options to do it: You can read 4 to 5 newspapers daily and then make notes from then and then research extra from the internet to be able to know all about it or you can go for an institutional current affairs magazine to help you do it all.

There are many free current affairs magazines in the market, and for the record we also provide daily free current affairs pdf on our website along with videos uploaded on our YouTube channel and linked with the files. So here you again get two options: Go for the free magazines from some of other top institutes or opt for paid Current Affairs magazine by KPS Civil Services.

Now, if you have already appeared in some Civil Services exam and had previously studied from any other free institute magazine, you already know that you failed because half of the current affairs that appeared in the exam were never in the exam paper. We will tell you the reason for it: THEY HIRE CHEAP WORKFORCE TO MAKE FREE CURRENT AFFAIRS. The free magazines are just to lure you into their institutional programmes.

At KPS, we believe in quality, hence, best of the people are at work just to prepare the Current Affairs of International, National and State Level importance. We go through lengths and breaths to research and examine the changing pattern of the exam to know what can be done to further improve on our magazines. The magazines are not made to look fancy because they are result oriented not marketing oriented.

These KPS Magazines are thoroughly prepared to help you clear the Prelims exam. They are result proven. Here check out this video to see their efficiency in UPSC Prelims 2022.