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  • Indian Polity
  • Ancient and Medieval India
  • Modern India
  • World and Indian Geography
  • Indian Economy
  • Environment
  • General Science

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One of the most scoring subject in Civil services exam is the Indian Polity. Frequently asked topics relate to Preamble, Fundamental rights, Fundamental duties, Directive Principles of State Policy, President, Parliament and Panchayati Raj. But just the broad reading is not enough, you need to analyze each word, each statement to understand the deeper meaning.

Here, KPS Indian Polity book for Prelims will help you do that same thing. We have broken down each topic into sub – headings, which are then broken down into detailed points. The benefit of reading in point form is that you can read them as a statement which can be given in the exam.

For practice, we have also included 300+ MCQs at the end with detailed explanation to help you analyze the type of questions being asked in the exam along with the explanation as to why a statement is right or wrong.

We recommend you to read and revise all the topics and MCQs given in book.


Students often complaint of not understanding the history. We know many of you hated history in school and would run away from it if you could. But the reality is, you need to study for it to score good. In 2021, Punjab PCS surprised all its candidates by asking south India history questions (they were not listed in the syllabus). Other than that, every year UPSC asks around 7-12 questions just from Ancient and Medieval India. The questions range from political situations to societal issues to economic issues.

We have properly classified each and every information being asked or that can be asked into sections and written them in point form. This makes history learning easy. The last thing that we do suggest is to read and revise history again and again as it takes 4-5 readings to get the sense of history and to remember the points.


Which one of the following observations is not true about the Quit India Movement of 1942?(2011)

(a.) It was a non-violent movement
(b.) It was led by Mahatma Gandhi
(c.) It was a spontaneous movement
(d.) It did not attract the labour class in general

This is a 2011 question from UPSC Prelims. Taking this question as an example you will see that UPSC or for that matter any other Civil Service exam does not asks about facts or figures. You need to have an analytical knowledge to answer such questions. This question is one of the easy ones, you will face some difficult questions as well.

KPS Modern India booklet for Prelims will help you with this analytical part. Though, we have also covered facts and figures for better understanding, but our focus still remains on forming an analytical base for you. We have also included practice questions at the end for better understanding.


This subject without a doubt is all about concepts, if you know something then only you can answer something. There are no guess works. For this you need to study each phenomenon in detail. Questions directly come from the concept. Here, take an example

Consider the following statements:
1. Jet streams occur in the Northern Hemisphere only.
2. Only some cyclones develop an eye.
3. The temperature inside the eye of a cyclone is nearly 10°C lesser than that of the surroundings.

Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

(a) 1 only
(b) 2 and 3 only
(c) 2 only
(d) 1 and 3 only

This question is from 2020 Prelims and asks you following questions indirectly to answer it correctly:
What are jet streams and how do they form? In which hemisphere and on which latitude do they flow?
How are cyclones formed? What are the basic conditions for the formation of the cyclone? How does pressure and temperatures varies in it?

Hence, a question from atmosphere chapter which demands you to have details of the phenomena.

KPS Geography booklet will help you clear each and every doubt and will make you understand these concepts in detail.


Every year nearly 20 – 25 questions come just from Indian Economy, if you count the current affairs of it aswell. This number is huge for a single subject to be taken lightly. To understand this further, economy questions can be broken down into static ones that are based on concepts and dynamic ones that are based on current events, national and international.

Static part of the Indian Economy can be directly prepared from the NCERT Economy Gist of ours and this Indian Economy book. You will be able to clear all static questions just by these sources plus you will get 300 + MCQs for practice.

Regarding the Dynamic part of the exam, you need to know that you can understand the currents of economy only when you have a strong foundation. Our KPS Current Affairs Magazines cover all relevant current events but to understand them conceptually, you need this book. You might be referring to any other current affairs magazine aswell, but you still need to have a strong basics for this subject.


One of the rising favorite of the examiners is the environment. Every year, its weightage increases. You will be asked about Conventions, international organizations, pollutants, National Parks etc. These questions require a through research so that you know every single detail of it.

We are here with our Environment Prelims Booklet. It will help you with all types of questions and is according to the changing pattern. You don’t need to worry about this subject anymore.


General Science is commonly asked in state Civil Services exams like Punjab PCS, Himachal HAS, Haryana HCS among others. There are around 10 to 12 questions from Physics, Biology and Chemistry in these exams. Hence, a make or break case.

Detailed explanation with illustrations and examples will help you prepare for the General science paper in a very precise manner.

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