Questions 1 - 40

1  Under which of the following conditions is the phenomenon of ‘solar constant’ the highest?

2  Which of the following is/are the most likely cause/ causes of sheet-flood found in western part of Rajasthan?
1. Scanty rainfall
2. Sudden high intensity rain
3. Loose sandy soil with scanty vegetation
Select the correct answer using the code given below

3  During December and January, North India experiences excessive cold weather because
1. These areas being far away from the moderating influence of Sea, experience continental climate.
2. The cold winds coming from Caspian sea and Turkmenistan bring cold wave over the northern parts of India.
3. Low pressure develops over North India due to low temperatures.
4. High pressure develops over North India due to low temperatures.
Select the correct answer using the code given below

4  Why does the west coast of India receive more rainfall from southwest monsoon than the east coast?

5  Which of the following phenomenon happens in India when the sunshines vertically over the Tropic of Capricorn?

6  Interiors of the Deccan plateau receives an annual rainfall of less than 60 cm, mainly becaus

7  Which hill-station name means ‘place of the thunderbolt’?

8  The forests which act as barriers against cyclones are

9  Monsoon starts retreating from Punjab plains by

10  During winter North-western part of India gets rainfall from

11  Heavy rainfall during the months October and November is received by

12  Amritsar and Shimla are almost on the same latitude, but their climate difference is due to

13  Koderma in Jharkhand is the leading producer of

14  Consider the following statements:
1. Most of the coal and the ferrous group of minerals in India occur in the peninsula, south of the vindhyas
2. The peninsular India once formed part of the supercontinent which included Australia, Antarctica, Africa and South America
Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

15  Match the following:
List 1 List 2
A. Coal 1. Bhandara
B. Gold 2. Karanpura
C. Mica 3. Hutti
D. Manganese 4. Nellore
Code: A B C D

16  ‘Mumbai High’ is associated with

17  The beach sands of Kerala are rich in

18  In India, the steel production industry requires the import of

19  Consider the following statements with regard to the mining industry of India
1. The spatial distribution of minerals in uneven.
2. The mining industry since colonial days has been export-oriented
Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

20  To meet its rapidly growing energy demand, some opine that India should purse research and development on thorium as the future fuel of nuclear energy. In this context, what advantage does thorium hold over uranium?
1. Thorium is far more abundant in nature than uranium.
2. On the basis of per unit mass of mined mineral, thorium can generate more energy compared to natural uranium.
3. Thorium produces less harmful waste compared to uranium.
Which of the statements given is/are correct?

21  Which one among the following food crops is not categorized under ‘Millets’?

22  The only state which produces saffron in India is

23  Black revolution is related to the

24  Which of the leading wheat producer state in India?

25  ‘Green Revolution’ in India was expeditiously feasible in zones of

26  Consider the following agricultural practices
1. Contour bunding
2. Relay cropping
3. Zero tillage
In the context of global climate change, which of the above help/ helps in carbon sequestration in the soil?

27  Intensive cultivation refers to

28  Arrange the following varieties of silk in India in their order of decreasing production
1. Muga
2. Eri
3. Mulberry
4. Tasar
Select the correct answer using the code given below

29  Nagarjuna Sagar project is on the river

30  Punjab has a large number of inundation canals drawing water from

31  Which of the following is/are the advantage/advantages of practicing drip irrigation?
1. Reduction in weed
2. Reduction in soil salinity
3. Reduction in soil erosion
Select the correct answer using the code given below

32  Which one of the following is not an industrial corridor as per the policy initiatives?

33  Cotton textile mills in India have become sick in recent years mainly because

34  Which one among the following is not a correct demographic fact of India for recent years?

35  To obtain full benefits of demographic dividend, what should India do?

36  Which community has the lowest sex ratio in India as disclosed in the additional data pertaining to Census 2011 released recently?

37  What do you mean by ‘Density of Population’?

38  In which one of the following Union Territories do the people of the Onge tribe live?

39  The proposed Bullet Train in India will connect

40  The first industrial policy declaration laid stress on

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