Prepare Live Under Personal Membership of Vikram Singh Sandhu


Competition is getting tougher; questions are becoming more conceptual with tint of latest facts and figures. Under all this, what should you actually do to excel in the Civil Services exam? Well, we, at KPS Civil Services got all sorted out for you. India’s most comprehensive coverage of syllabus for Prelims and Mains, along with dynamic Study material and Test Series. We have trained 100’s of students for UPSC and State Service exams and we understand the deep pain points of aspirants. Hence, Creating the KPS Foundational Live course 2022-23. This course is for aspirants who are serious in their preparation and need daily mentorship to check on their progress and continuously guide them. With low strength per batch (About 40 students), you can ask any doubts within the class while the lecture is taking place or connect later with the mentor through WhatsApp. Frequency of the tests, fixed schedule are to help you manage you preparation and check yourself on every step. Our first focus through this programme will be to complete the General Studies portion of the Civil Services exam i.e., the subjects like history, polity, geography, environment etc. The preparation in the first phase would be detailed to cover the needs of both Prelims and Mains exam, starting from the very basics of the NCERT books to advanced level books. Along with them, we will be sending you hardcopy of our most comprehensive notes, made to tackle both Prelims and Mains. This phase will be of 217 days and will include Prelims and Mains Tests for preparation. You can refer the schedule pdf below for more details.

At the end of the first phase, a new schedule will be released. This will cover in depth analysis preparation for the Prelims stage. This schedule will be out in the month of February. In this, we will revise each subject to give specific focus on points that can be asked in Prelims exam and also discuss the ways in which it can be asked. The schedule will be accompanied by Daily Tests for Prelims to help you understand questions from each topic and learn through mistakes. This phase will also cover extra material from KPS like notes of ministerial reports, indexes, agriculture, health, education sector etc. These topics are beyond traditional books but are becoming exam favourites.
Third Phase will be post Prelims exam. In this, we will be enriching your Mains answer writing by helping you prepare exam worthy introductions, pointers and conclusions. We will build on the knowledge acquired during the entire preparation and help you understand which points need to be chosen for which question and how to inter – linking
paragraphs or set sequence of points, so that it becomes pleasing for the examiner. Consider the features tab below to understand the depth of the programme that we have created.

Features of the Programme


    Classes will be conducted live with approximate strength of 40 students per batch. In this, you will be able to understand the concept while connecting live with the mentor, ask all your doubts, participate in live quizzes and much more.


    Your classes will include two subjects of 1 hour each on daily basis. This will help kill be boredom of studying a single book at a time and will also provide us pace to complete your syllabus well before time, both for Prelims and Mains.


    We pride ourselves by saying we prepare the most relevant current affairs for UPSC and State Services exams. Every year, we are able to score more than 80% current affairs right. You will get daily pdfs of the current affairs and a hard copy will be sent to your address at the end of the month. Your subscription includes 15 months of Current Affairs magazine subscription.


    Mains is not a two months game, instead a year long effort. Our classes also include 30-40 mins everyday session of exam relevant editorials and practice questions with inputs on how to write better answers.


    We have divided the entire preparation into three phases. The first one would be of 217 days, followed by second of 60 days and final phase would be of 70 days. The schedules are designed keeping in mind what are the goals at each stage. From the basic foundational coverage to the advanced Prelims and Mains coverage.


    Your schedule already includes a detailed breakdown of the syllabus and at what frequency the Tests would occur. Each Prelims test would be on the lines of the UPSC exam and would be of 2 hours each and Mains exam would be of 3 hours each. Each test would have its own detailed answer key and video to help you understand each question.


    In our live course, you don’t need to buy any book. We have curated a list of books which we will be sending you after admission confirmation. The formula is to study the best book for each subject but which to study often confuses the students. That’s why we are included all author books within your package. Plus we will be sending you our very own subjective notes, which are prepared after compiling important pointers from 4 to 5 books. Hence, you don’t need to work hard. Just work smart with KPS and focus on revising them again and again.


    The notes provided by us will be in English, Hindi or Punjabi medium, depending on which language you choose. The language of teaching in live classes will be Hinglish.


    You can clear your doubt within the class or can connect with the mentor post – classroom on WhatsApp for doubt clearance.


    Don’t worry if you have missed a class. We got you covered. All recording will be available in your log – in dashboard which can be viewed any number of times with validity till you clear the exam.


    Live class will be accessible from the dashboard, post log – in. You can also access last recorded lecture you were watching on it. All Prelims and Mains Tests would also be uploaded inside the dashboard. Lastly, the dashboard will also show you subjectwise breakdown of which subjects are you the weakest in and which subjects are your strengths. This will help you prepare on your weak areas more.

Fee Structure

Foundation Course Price
Foundation Course 2022 – English Medium 45,000/-
Foundation Course 2022 – Hindi Medium 45,000/-
Foundation Course 2022 – Punjabi Medium 45,000/-
Foundation Course 2022 – Hinglish Medium 45,000/-

Programme Details

The Programme includes classes Monday to Friday at 5 PM. The class will be of 3 hours each and will cover two
subjects, current affairs, and editorials. Every Saturday, we will be covering previous months of current affairs and a
special session on answer writing.

Programme Includes

  • #Live and Recorded Classes based in the schedule
  • #Daily Current Affairs and Editorials
  • #Direct Mentorship Connect
  • #Comprehensive Study Material
  • #Author Books to be provided by us
  • #Validity till you clear the exam
  • #Test series for Prelims and Mains
  • #Revision Module for Prelims and Mains


The course is designed to help candidates appear in UPSC exam, along with it, you can also appear in State Public Service Exams for Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh. We will be covering State G.K., additional subjects for each of these exams. The classes for them will be held in extra time and
you can choose to attend them depending on your choice of exam. Separate Test Series will also be provided for each of the above-mentioned State Exam.
These classes will cover your General Studies portion of the exam for Prelims and Mains. Additionally, you would need to purchase classes for Optional subjects. You can choose to prepare optional at KPS or any other institute of your choice, hence, we have kept the flexibility for it and not included it in the fee structure itself. The classes provided by us have validity till you clear your exam, hence, no annual payment for the classes. But the point to remember is that Study material and Current Affairs subscription is for 15 months only. After that, you can purchase current affairs magazines on monthly basis.