IAS Preparation requires a holistic approach, and this is what exactly KPS Institute for Civil S

14 Aug, 2018


Before starting preparation, please see if you fulfil following eligibility criteria Nationalit

14 May, 2018

Stages of the examination

UPSC has divided the selection process into three different stages with different pattern of examina

14 May, 2018

Various resources need to clear the exam

Your preparation will need three types of resources 1. Books for subjective knowledge

14 May, 2018

Things to remember before starting exam preparation

Many would say that IAS exam is too tough to crack, hence, secure your post in other exa

14 May, 2018
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    • Many would say that IAS exam is too tough to crack, hence, secure your post in other exams first. This is not true, because at the end it is just an exam. You just need to put some extra efforts. But what matters at the end is confidence in yourself.
    • For IAS examination you don’t need to sit for 16-18 hours a day, on everyday basis. Fix targets for yourself and work accordingly. You might finish each target in about 8-10 hours a day, rest 1-2 hours for newspaper reading. This will suffice your everyday preparation.
    • Language is never a problem in UPSC exam. Our constitution has guaranteed you with 22 languages + English. So feel free to write in your own language. This exam is about your skills and expression, so never feel inferior to anyone. Read newspaper daily, even language barriers will break.
    • Many of you might be working or not able to go to Delhi. Well the good news is neither did we. Delhi is too crowded and lacks the environment which will be conductive for your study. Your own home is the best place to study. All facilities at KPS are available online. So sit at your comfort and start preparing.
    • Always remember that only regular practice will make you ready for the exam. So, practice on daily basis and revise timely. Otherwise, there is no use of studying more and more.

    KPS Approach to the exam

    At the end we would like you to check out what we have to offer you on this journey of success.
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