N.C.E.R.Ts are really important to create a strong foundation for the Civil Services exam. You will need to study the following for both UPSC Examination or for the State Services like PCS, HAS, HCS, RAS, UPPSC etc.

Buy all the N.C.E.R.Ts given below and read them one subject at a time. Here are some other tips to follow:

  1. Don’t go for classwise reading: This will disrupt your subjective flow. You need to go with a simple rule “One subject at a time”.
  2. Don’t make notes in your first read: This is very important as many aspirants tend to make notes as they read them, but this policy is not right and should be avoided at all cost. First complete reading books of all the classes and then give a second read in which you should make notes. By this time you will have knowledge of what information is given in which class book. Hence, more organised notes.
  3. Do not Rush: Take a while to understand the basics and do not rush through the books as it will cause more damage then good. Take time to understand all the facts.

Now here is the list, incase you are not able to find any of the following book in the market, you can find them in the link given below. Get them printed from here and start studying.




  • Polity
    • Social and Political Life – I – VI
    • Social and Political Life – II – VII
    • Social and Political Life – III – VIII
    • Democratic Politics – IX
    • Democratic Politics – X
  • Geography
    • The Earth Our Habitat – VI
    • Our Environment – VII
    • Resource and Development – VIII
    • Contemporary India – I – IX
    • Contemporary India – II – X
  • Economy
    • Economics – IX
    • Understanding Economic Development – X
    • Indian Economic Development – XI
    • Macroeconomics – XII
  • History
    • Our Past – I – VI
    • Our Past – II – VII
    • Our Past – III – Part 1 – VIII
    • Our Past – III – Part 2 – VIII
    • An Introduction to Indian Art – XI
    • Living Crafts Traditions of India – XI


LINK TO DOWNLOAD: http://ncert.nic.in/textbook/textbook.htm

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