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The Arctic is a polar region located at the northernmost part of Earth.

8 Jul, 2020


About Brahmaputra River: The Brahmaputra called Yarlung

3 Jul, 2020
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    Current Affairs – 3rd February 2022


    • News: Favourite pocket Flamingoes flocking a wetland in Mumbai on Wednesday. February 2 is celebrated as World Wetlands Day to raise awareness about these critical ecosystems.
    • About World Wetlands Day:
      • World Wetlands Day is an environmentally related celebration which dates back to the year of 1971 when several environmentalists gathered to reaffirm the protection and love for wetlands, which are the small environments of plant life and organisms found within water bodies that bring about ecological health in abundance to not only water bodies but environments as a whole.
      • The World Wetlands Secretary Department is originally from Gland, Switzerland and in accordance to the beginning of World Wetlands Day, the Ramsar convention first attributed this recognition in “the Iranian city of Ramsar on the shores of the Caspian Sea”.


    • News: The J&K Delimitation Commission is likely to get a second extension this month. This may further delay any announcement of Assembly elections in the Union Territory.
    • About Delimitation Commission of India:
      • The Delimitation commission or Boundary commission of India is a commission established by the Government of India under the provisions of the Delimitation Commission Act.
      • The main task of the commission is redrawing the boundaries of the various assembly and Lok Sabha constituencies based on a recent census.
      • The representation from each State is not changed during this exercise. However, the number of SC and ST seats in a state are changed in accordance with the census.
      • The present delimitation of constituencies has been done on the basis of 2001 census under the provisions of Delimitation Act, 2002.
      • The Commission is a powerful and independent body whose orders cannot be challenged in any court of law.
      • The orders are laid before the Lok Sabha and the respective State Legislative Assemblies. However, modifications are not permitted.


    • News: Deficit targets in the Budget are a bit higher than our forecasts when we affirmed India’s ‘BBB-’/negative sovereign rating in November.
    • About Sovereign Credit Ratings:
      • A sovereign credit rating is an independent assessment of the creditworthiness of a country or sovereign entity.
      • Sovereign credit ratings can give investors insights into the level of risk associated with investing in the debt of a particular country, including any political risk.
      • A sovereign credit rating is an independent assessment of the creditworthiness of a country or sovereign entity.
      • Investors use sovereign credit ratings as a way to assess the riskiness of a particular country’s bonds.
      • Standard & Poor’s gives a BBB- or higher rating to countries it considers investment grade, and grades of BB+ or lower are deemed to be speculative or “junk” grade.
      • Moody’s considers a Baa3 or higher rating to be of investment grade, and a rating of Ba1 and below is speculative.


    • News: Homestays would soon be allowed in the villages around Sultanpur National Park in Gurugram to promote tourism and provide an opportunity to the visitors to catch a glimpse of rural life in Haryana.
    • About Sultanpur National Park:
      • Sultanpur National Park is located at Sultanpur village on Gurugram-Jhajjar highway, 15 km from Gurugram, Haryana and 50 km from Delhi in India.
      • Among approximately 1,800 migratory bird species out of total approximately 9,000-10,000 species of birds in the world, nearly three thousand species migrate to India due to seasonal changes, including 175 long-distance migration species that use the Central Asian Flyway route which also include Amur falcons, Egyptian vultures, plovers, ducks, storks, ibises, flamingos, jacanas, pochards and sociable lapwing.


    • News: Amendments to the Motion of Thanks to the President that mentioned the government’s alleged used of Pegasus spyware and its handling of the COVID-19 pandemic were not allowed to be moved in the Rajya Sabha.
    • About Motion of Thanks:
      • Article 86(1) of the Constitution provides that the President may address either House of Parliament or both Houses assembled together, and for that purpose require the attendance of members.
      • However, since the commencement of the Constitution, there has not been any occasion when the President has addressed either House or both Houses assembled together, under the provision of this article.
      • Article 87 provides for the special address by the President. Clause (1) of that article provides that at the commencement of the first session after each general election to the House of the People and at the commencement of the first session of each year, the President shall address both Houses of Parliament assembled together and inform Parliament of the causes of its summons.
      • Such an Address is called ‘special address’; and it is also an annual feature. No other business is transacted till the President has addressed both Houses of Parliament assembled together.
      • The time and date of the President’s Address are notified in the Parliamentary Bulletin, Part II. This Address has to be to both Houses of Parliament assembled together.
      • If at the time of commencement of the first session of the year, Lok Sabha is not in existence and has been dissolved, and Rajya Sabha has to meet, Rajya Sabha can have its session without the President’s Address. This happened in 1977, when during the dissolution of Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha had its session on 28 February 1977 without the President’s Address.
      • In the case of the first session after each general election to Lok Sabha, the President addresses both Houses of Parliament assembled together after the members have made and subscribed the oath or affirmation and the Speaker has been elected.
      • Notices of amendments to the Motion of Thanks on the President’s Address can be tabled after the President has delivered his Address. Amendments may refer to matters contained in the Address as well as to matters which, in the opinion of the member, the Address has failed to mention.
      • Amendments can be moved to the Motion of Thanks in such form as may be considered appropriate by the Chairman.