KPS Institute for Civil Services has one goal and mission – Affordable and Accessible Education to all.

In 2017, KPS was built on this principle. Over the years, we at KPS have strived to achieve this through a variety of
mediums. During this beautiful journey encompassing 5+ years, we have produced many top ranks in UPSC and State
Civil Services like Punjab PCS, HAS, KAS, etc. – all while putting our mission in the forefront.
We believe every student is unique and so are their needs.
Thus, to push this and achieve the goal in congruence with the Government’s –
of “Padhega India tabhi toh Badhega India” – We have launched “Free Education for All”.

What makes KPS Civil Services Free Program
should be your go-to Course?

  • #Learn from the best faculty who constantly update their knowledge – to bring you the latest information so that you don’t waste your time and you don’t have to scratch your head.
  • #Most comprehensive curriculum which goes beyond regularly recommended books so you can focus on studying instead of finding resources and collecting material
  • #Easy and at your pace learning facility so that you can learn at your most productive hours and improve retention. At your pace also lets you follow your own speed.
  • #Watch and re-watch lectures to get hold of the concepts
  • #Free Tests for Prelims and Mains – Check your progress with free tests included in the free module and track your performance so that you can be prepared well in advance.
  • #Questions based on UPSC pattern
  • #UPSC preparation can sometimes make you lonely, but with Peer-to-Peer Support and discussion forum which is also constantly monitored – remain motivated and optimistic at all times (pre-requisites to clear the exam)
  • #Current Affairs – Everyday, Detailed coverage to ease your preparation.
  • #Editorial – Everyday editorial lecture to prepare you for Mains exam answer writing and analysis, simultaneously.
  • #Sessions with Mentor to clear doubts also available at the most affordable price across the country.
  • #Interview Preparation – Inclusive of the free preparation to leave no stone unturned
  • #Integrated Preparation – Holistic coverage of entire pre and mains syllabus so you don’t have to pay any additional fees anywhere

From the Founder - Vikram singh Sandhu

To all the aspirants of UPSC,
This is an open letter to each one of you – I want to be the wind beneath your wings and help you fly high in your
endeavor to clear one of the most difficult exams of our country.
To do this, I also started with the traditional path of opening an institute and charging a certain fee, but soon
realized it was commercialized to the last drop.
And as I spent years in the mad rat race of commercialization, deep down I always felt a pain – of missing out on the
true purpose of venturing into the mentor-world of Civil Services.
But to do so, I had to step back and curtail down everything I had built. To take a step back is not easy, but I had to.
For fulfilling the promise, not just to you, but the one I made to myself – to provide UPSC education at no or bare
minimum cost to each one of you.

This is something I cannot achieve all by myself so would need your support – to help me build a platform for your
Thus, if there is ever a suggestion you would like to make – please reach out to me on ___

With sincerest gratitude –
Vikram Singh Sandhu
(Mentor for KPS Civil Services Family)

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